A Day At The Kakamega Church


Kakamega Church

On Sunday the 21st of September, Ruth and I went to visit our church in Kakamega. This church was the first one that our ministry planted, in 1999. Pastors Ron Zarou and Tony Wozniak were the founders of this work in Kenya.


Pastor Tom and Anne Munala and their children.

We like going to visit the people in Kakamega. We really enjoy spending time with Pastor Tom Munala and his family.
In the first service, I spoke to the people about their responsibilities in the growing and the maturing of the ministry. I shared about their love to one another and their personal sharing the gospel where they live and work. In the second, I reminded them of their commitment to their pastor. We spoke from Ephesians 4, dealing with their maturing and the fact that they are being trained to do the work of the Kakamega ministry.

Pastor Forbe with John Etwasi and his son Forbe Matendechere Etwasi.

Pastor Forbe with John Etwasi and his son Forbe Matendechere Etwasi.

At the end of the second service, we had the privilege of joining with the congregation in the dedication of one of their newest babies. John and Lilian Etwasi brought their baby boy, Forbe Matendechere Etwasi to be offered to the Lord. John is one of the deacons in the church, and they are a very faithful couple.

After a meal with Tom and the flock, Ruth and I finished greeting the people and started for home. We had to drive through a strong thunderstorm, but we arrived home safely.We are grateful for the time we had in Kakamega. There is a strong core of believers in the fellowship, and we expect them to continue faithfully reaching their community. Our prayers continue with Tom and Anne, for God’s strength and wisdom to guide them in this great work.


Pastor Forbe and Ruth Carlson with the Kakamega Church.

Pastor Forbe Carlson

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