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2014 Young Adult Retreat Part 2

The reports continue to come in from pastors, testifying of the impact of the Young Adult retreat upon the lives of their young adults.

We shared in Part 1 about the teachings during this retreat. We give time to the participants to discuss among themselves what had been taught. They do this in groups, led by the young adult leaders from our 5 main churches.

We also encourage the attendees to spend some quiet time each day, asking the Lord to begin to work out in their hearts what they have learned.

It is a blessing to walk around the church plot and observe many in prayer, some reading their Bibles, and others going over their notes from the teaching. We believe that these times are used by the Lord to cement the Bible truths into their hearts.

As ministers, it is a joy to see that the coming leaders of our churches are willing to set themselves apart to seek the Lord. We’ve encouraged our pastors, our youth, and our young adults to build upon what they are given in these times of gathering together.

We remind our people that these are just a few short days together, but that they will need to walk out their discipleship in their own homes, churches, and places of employment. The Lord will take what was sown into them and will produce great fruit in the good ground of their hearts.

Lastly, there is another great benefit to these conferences and retreats. Ruth and I get to spend time with Pastor Rob and his wife Mildred. We enjoy the fellowship and encouragement. During this retreat, we were able to get away for a few hours. We drove about an hour to the town of Iten, where many of the world-class marathon runners train. We went to the Kerio View to have a meal and enjoy the scenery. This restaurant is situated on a cliff overlooking the Kerio escarpment. Here is a picture of us while we were there.

Laborers together...

Laborers together…

Thank-you to the Lord for His working among us. We also thank Pastor Star Scott and the congregation of Calvary Temple in Sterling, Virginia, for their prayer and support for us here in Kenya. To God be the glory!

Pastor Forbe Carlson

Pastor Forbe CarlsonThe Calvary Temple Missions blog provides regular updates directly from the missions field in Kenya. Updates are posted by Pastor Forbe Carlson who has ministered in Kenya since 2005.