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Thanks From Kwa Njenga

Pastor Peter Gichuki of our Kwa Njenga church sends this letter giving thanks for the Pastors’ Conference with Pastor Scott and also for the time that he was able to spend with our mission team:

Apostle Joe Kayo

We are very grateful to the Lord for the time we had together in the pastors’ conference and the missions team visit. The Lord met our expectations – it was a season that our faith has been strengthened, care has been brought to us as pastors and to our congregations through the missions team visit.

One of the highlights that stood in my heart is on doing the work of an evangelist, as Paul was charging Timothy to preach the word in season and out of season. The different sessions we had were unique each one of them.

What Apostle Joe Kayo taught on thanksgiving was very timely; just as the Bible says about the last days, that people will be unthankful. It is the same teaching that pastor Jeff taught the last day in Nairobi. We  have a lot to thank God for.

Pastors Jeff Heglund, Peter Gichuki, Forbe Carlson



One of the pastors that we had invited from Nairobi was very much touched by the truths that he had learned in the conference. In the last day, he sat with me and asked me how long I have been hearing these kind of teachings, and I told him for 13 years. He told me that I am blessed because for him it was  the first time to hear some of these truths expounded.

Pastor Star Scott




Pastor Scott, these truths are rare in many pastors conferences  and churches in this nation. Many conferences concentrate on how to be big, how to have a big following. It really ministered to me as you answered one pastor who asked whether he can continue shepherding a congregation of 15 people. It was a great answer because  you handled a lot in our hearts, that what the Lord is looking for is faithfulness and that our goal should be to hear, “well done good and faithful servant,” when we shall stand before Him.


Some of the missions team with Pastor Peter outside the Kwa Njenga church

The people of God were very excited to see you and to hear from you; to some of them it was their first time to see you.

What stood out to me in this visit is to see your life and the practical aspect of the next generation, to see your daughter Kimberly and granddaughter Hope, following the Lord , this IS what I desire to see in my children and the people of God here in Kwa Njenga.

I was travelling in  a bus last Friday headed to the city, (it’s a distance of about 16 km). When there is traffic, it can take almost 1 hour. When I was in the bus, I requested the conductor to allow me preach in the bus, which he allowed me to do. I taught on marriage from Malachi, that the Lord hates putting away (divorce). I saw a very good response; about 80 percent of the passengers were very interested to hear the message. When I was finishing to preach, I said that if anyone would have a question he can visit us in the church or call my phone number. After I alighted from the bus, two people called expressing an interest to meet me.

I sense a need to teach on marriage wherever the Lord may guide. I think teachings on marriage  are very rare and that’s why many marriages are breaking in this hour.

I am thinking of having an outreach of a different kind, something that we have not done. We will invite our neighbors who are in marriage to teach them on marriage, and to share the gospel with them.

Thanks Mtume for coming together with Pastor Ron and sending the missions team to come and minister to us.

Peter Gichuki


Mabera Church Visit


This past week after a pastors’ meeting in Nakuru, we traveled to our Mabera church to be with Pastor Jonathan and his flock.  Mabera is near the border of Tazania.  Not too far from where the  Taragwiti church was located.  Jonathan is a man of God with a shepherd’s heart for the flock.  He is in his 60’s but has the Caleb spirit. He originally came from Tanzania where he had been a pastor to start a work in Kenya.P6220126

This is actually the first time we have ever taken a mission to the Mabera church.  The other times we would stop there on the way to Taragwiti.  We were blessed by the love of God reflected in Jonathan and his wife.  They were so thankful for  all the ministry brought to them.  We were there Friday to Sunday.  There was a good response from the flock all the services.  We also brought Anthony and Beatrice from the Umoja church to help in the ministry.  They were a blessing and helpful in interpreting and teaching the children.

I taught on the grace of God and the gift of Salvation.  Then on Sunday the Lord changed course in the first service and I taught on deliverance from fear and the Lord came down and we saw many delivered.

Then in the main service I taught out of 2 Cor.8.2, how the Macedonian church out of great poverty abounded in liberality of giving (an amazing verse) and the story of the widow that God used to provide for Elijah (and also provide for the widow).


We took time Sunday afternoon for testimonies.  It was a blessing to hear the testimonies of what the Lord had done.  Also good testimonies of healings over the years.  One young lady who was being persecuted by her family shared how years ago she had been sick and been to many doctors and no help.  But then she shared how when she came to the church how God had healed her and now this was her church and she wasn’t going anywhere.  It was a blessing to see Jonathan stand on divine healing and refreshing and convicting.

It was a blessing to hear Mildred, Anthony and Beatrice all share how blessed they were by the joy, thankfulness and hunger of the people. Also to see how much the flock loves their pastor. We were able to encourage Jonathan on strengthening their ministry to the children.  Also you would like to see more men in the church, several women with unsaved husbands.  I really challenged them in winning their husbands through Christlikeness.


P6200074It had been over a year since we had last been to Mabera and seen the construction.  All that had been done last year was just the bathroom and so they had made good progress in a year. A couple of months ago, the church lost a great number of bricks that were going to be used in their building project.  Jonathan said finding the same size bricks that they are using might be a challenge because they are larger than the standard size.  They had done this so they would not have to have as many rows of bricks.

At the end of the service I was able to share of Pastor Scott’s heart being touched for their loss of the 6,000 bricks and his desire to bless them.  Their response was humble thanksgiving that he would think of them in their need. It was a blessing to show how God’s grace was manifested through their need.


On Saturday morning we had a pastor’s meeting with three of the pastors from Tanzania and also Pastor Joash from Monianku and Pharez from Isbania.  It was a blessing that Joash was able to come.  He recently had a sugar cane tractor that crashed into his church, so I have been trying to help him in dealing with the factory and compensation for damage, but it is a real challenge in trying to get money from them.

P6200004In our time with the pastors we were dealing with their marriages.

It was helpful getting more time with the Tanzanian pastors since we don’t know them that well.  Jonathan has been helpful in dealing with them.  It gave a much clearer picture of who they are and our relationship to them.


Finally just very thankful for this trip and to see a good representation of our mission here in Africa.  Over the past year there is no pastor who has called more for counsel than Jonathan.  Though he is one of the oldest of our pastors he is teachable and easy to guide.  Even in going to Anthony and Beatrice his heart was, “tell me what we can do better.”  The other thing that blessed me was the joy and love in his marriage.

Pastor Rob Hendrickson


2014 Young Adult Retreat Part 1

We just finished a great Young Adult retreat here in Eldoret. We saw the Lord really minister to the hearts of those who came.

We had 92 young adults in attendance. They came from our 5 main churches, as well as from several of the churches that are farther away. We started on Thursday night and finished with the Sunday morning service.


Look how many pins…


Ha! You said the wrong thing!

As always, we began the retreat with the “pin game”. It is a game in which everyone is given a safety pin to pin onto their shirt. For the next 20 minutes, we encourage them to meet new people and to have fellowship together. The key to this game is that a person is not to say words concerning themselves (I, me, my, mine, etc.) If a person is caught referring to him or herself, they must surrender their pin or pins to the person who catches them. Whoever has the most pins at the end of the game is the winner. The purpose of the game is to stop thinking about self and focus on the other person. It is always a great icebreaker.

The theme of the retreat was, “Right Relationships”. Pastor Rob and I were each going to teach 2 sessions. I began by sharing in the Thursday night service about what it means to be regenerated. We have found that many times as leaders, we deal with people in the same areas time after time. In many of these cases, the problem is that the person is not really born again, but has learned to do the “right” things. The flesh is incapable of walking in obedience to the Word of God, but the fruit of the Spirit comes as the obvious by-product of a life that is given to the Lordship of Jesus.

Pastor Rob Teaching

Pastor Rob Teaching

Pastor Rob shared in the Friday night service about God’s purpose for the sexual relationship, and that anything outside of God’s laws of marriage is fornication.

I spoke on Saturday afternoon about three areas of our Christian walk where we are to walk in love. It begins with loving our brothers and sisters (the whole body of believers). Then the Lord draws us into closer relationships, where we learn to die to ourselves and learn to be true friends. It is after these two steps that the Lord can lead a single person into a relationship of marriage. We shared that an individual relationship cannot be strong if we haven’t learned to love the Body and also learn how to be a true friend. After that session, Pastor Rob and I had a panel discussion to deal with the teachings up to that point, and to address questions that had arisen.

Pastor Rob shared in the Sunday morning service about finding our hope in God, and that we cannot let past failures govern us. He talked about the righteous man getting up after falling, and that we need the strength of God to make it to heaven. Come to think of it, he did mention sex a few times in that service as well.


Pastor Forbe Carlson

A Sunday in Nakuru

On Sunday, the 19th of October, Ruth and I went to the Nakuru church to visit and to minister.

Our Nakuru church was started in October of 2012, by Pastors Tony Wozniak, George Mungai, Joseph Mburia, and their families.

The town of Nakuru had been on Pastor Scott’s heart for a number of years. Nakuru is the third largest town in Kenya, as well as being the fastest growing town in the nation.

Pastor Tony and Karen Wozniak went back to the States in June of this year. At that time, Pastors Joseph and George became the co-pastors of the church. Both of these men have been with Calvary Temple for over 10 years and have proven themselves faithful in ministry.

Ruth and I arrived at the church just before the 10:00 service. In that first service, I shared with the people from 1 Corinthians 12, reminding them that we are placed in the Body of Christ where it pleases Him. In this generation, many people flit from church to church. It is as we allow the Lord to set us where He desires us to be that we can grow and be productive members of His Body.

In the second service, I shared from Ephesians 4. We saw that although we each have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus, it is through the local fellowship and under the ministry gifts that have been placed there that we can grow, mature, and help the local body to increase and be strengthened.

Pastor Joseph Mburia and his family.

Pastor Joseph Mburia and his family.

After the service, Ruth spent some time with the ladies, while I spent some time with Pastor Joseph and the youth group.

Pastor George Mungai and his family.

Pastor George Mungai and his family.

When we left, we took Pastor George with us to Eldoret, as he had some business to attend to there. We had a very good time of fellowship together.

Although the church in Nakuru is small, we are seeing growth in the people’s lives. We are also seeing some growth numerically as the people reach out to their communities. We are thankful for the work that God is doing in our Nakuru Church.

Pastor Forbe Carlson

20OCT2014 068

The Nakuru Church


    Greetings. We continue to rejoice in Father’s goodness to us, day by day strengthened by His Word and His presence in our lives. My family is doing well in Jesus. I am thankful for Debra’s heart for God; she is truly a blessing to me.
    From the beginning of the year, Pastor Ben of Umoja has been inviting us to visit the brethren there, to minister to them, and to spend some time in fellowship. For the Eldoret Church and me personally, we are indebted to the family of God in Nairobi. Their love and sacrifice from the start of our church are beyond words. I remember with tears in my eyes the trial we went through several years ago, and how Pastor Ben came and stood with us – a true brother in a time of adversity.
    I have desired to share our much appreciation to a people who have loved us much. Last Saturday, we had the privilege to visit our family in both Umoja and Kwa Njenga. I was  able to minister in Umoja and share our love and appreciation. We spent the whole day in love with the precious people of Umoja, and I was blessed to see what Father is doing and the good work in individuals’ hearts. It was amazing to see how much God has made us part of another, even from one church to another.
    The next day we spent time with Pastors Ben and Peter. We went with our wives out to a beautiful place called Paradise Lost and had sweet fellowship together. It was a blessing, because Debra and I were very refreshed and built up by both of these men’s marriages.
    We were privileged to spend the next two days with Pastor Rob and Mildred. They took us out to see the Animal Orphanage, and then to a place called KFC! Wow, now that was good chicken!

Animal Orphanage

Animal Orphanage

It was a great time together. It is always a blessing to have time around Pastor Rob. His life and his marriage minister greatly to us.

On Wednesday, Pastor Peter took me around the Kwa Njenga Estate. I was blessed, because walking around such a chaotic place, then coming in to their sanctuary, put things into perspective. What a beautiful place of refuge from all the chaos everywhere! I was thankful to see what God Has provided for the ministry there. We had a great time in the worship service with the brethren. Again, I was blessed much by the family of God; we hugged, shared, and enjoyed the Body of Christ in Kwa Njenga. What a great work has been done under the oversight of Pastor Peter!

We are so grateful for our time in Nairobi with our Calvary family. What a privilege it is to be part of such a work of God in this generation!

Peter and Debra Gitau, with their son John Paul

Peter and Debra Gitau, with their son John Paul

Pastor Peter Gitau


We left Eldoret and travelled to Uganda to visit our churches there.  Its about a three hour drive to the border and another hour and a half to Pastor Ogutu’s church on dirt road.

Pastor Rob and Mildred with Pastor Joshua Mugabe and his wife.

Pastor Rob and Mildred with Pastor Joshua Mugabe and his wife.

The border town is Busia where Pastor Joshua Mugabe has a church. We were able to stop at his church for a brief time of greeting some of the members of his church and took a meal at him home before pressing on to cross the border.  The border is an area of controlled confusion and chaos. It is a blistering hot, dusty, windy place.  I don’t think they had seen a white man in weeks and so the border agents descended on us like vultures supposedly to assist us across the border but really to get every shilling that they can squeeze out of you.  After about 2 hours of going through various checkpoints and stations we were able to finally escape.


Magoli, Uganda. Pastor Ogutu leading a church service.

Pastor Ogutu met us at the border to take us to his church. We were warmly received by the people when we arrived on Friday evening, they were very happy to see us.  All four of the churches in Uganda are within a few miles of each other so we invited them to come as well.  I think these are probably the poorest of the churches that we have here.


Pastor Ogutu's home.

Pastor Ogutu’s home.

We stayed with Pastor Ogutu and his family and they took good care of us. Mildred and I did have good time in ministering to them.  They were teachable and acknowledge their faults and wanted to honor the Lord.

Magoli church. Old church building on right, new building on the left.

Magoli church. Old church building on right, new building on the left.

There were some positives that stood out in our time in Uganda.  Over the past year Ogutu and his congregation had been able to build a nice building through the giving of the people.  Also in our services the people seemed attentive to the word.  Pastor Egessa and his wife stood out to us.  There was a joy and freedom that was evident in their lives and marriage.  At the last pastor’s conference when wives were also there, the Lord touched their marriage.


Pastor Rob, with Pastor Ogutu and his wife.

Joshua was a great blessing to have on the trip. His servant’s heart and ministry to the pastors and the church was reflective as that of a son in the faith. The Lord really touched him on the trip in the area of returning to first love and helping the marriages in his church.  He couldn’t wait to go home and bring these truths to his flock.

The one challenge I brought both to these pastors in my time with them and their members was what Jesus said, that your traditions have made the word of God powerless.  The fruit will be their response to these challenges.

Pastor Rob Hendrickson

A Day At The Kakamega Church


Kakamega Church

On Sunday the 21st of September, Ruth and I went to visit our church in Kakamega. This church was the first one that our ministry planted, in 1999. Pastors Ron Zarou and Tony Wozniak were the founders of this work in Kenya.


Pastor Tom and Anne Munala and their children.

We like going to visit the people in Kakamega. We really enjoy spending time with Pastor Tom Munala and his family.
In the first service, I spoke to the people about their responsibilities in the growing and the maturing of the ministry. I shared about their love to one another and their personal sharing the gospel where they live and work. In the second, I reminded them of their commitment to their pastor. We spoke from Ephesians 4, dealing with their maturing and the fact that they are being trained to do the work of the Kakamega ministry.

Pastor Forbe with John Etwasi and his son Forbe Matendechere Etwasi.

Pastor Forbe with John Etwasi and his son Forbe Matendechere Etwasi.

At the end of the second service, we had the privilege of joining with the congregation in the dedication of one of their newest babies. John and Lilian Etwasi brought their baby boy, Forbe Matendechere Etwasi to be offered to the Lord. John is one of the deacons in the church, and they are a very faithful couple.

After a meal with Tom and the flock, Ruth and I finished greeting the people and started for home. We had to drive through a strong thunderstorm, but we arrived home safely.We are grateful for the time we had in Kakamega. There is a strong core of believers in the fellowship, and we expect them to continue faithfully reaching their community. Our prayers continue with Tom and Anne, for God’s strength and wisdom to guide them in this great work.


Pastor Forbe and Ruth Carlson with the Kakamega Church.

Pastor Forbe Carlson