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2014 Young Adult Retreat Part 1

We just finished a great Young Adult retreat here in Eldoret. We saw the Lord really minister to the hearts of those who came.

We had 92 young adults in attendance. They came from our 5 main churches, as well as from several of the churches that are farther away. We started on Thursday night and finished with the Sunday morning service.


Look how many pins…


Ha! You said the wrong thing!

As always, we began the retreat with the “pin game”. It is a game in which everyone is given a safety pin to pin onto their shirt. For the next 20 minutes, we encourage them to meet new people and to have fellowship together. The key to this game is that a person is not to say words concerning themselves (I, me, my, mine, etc.) If a person is caught referring to him or herself, they must surrender their pin or pins to the person who catches them. Whoever has the most pins at the end of the game is the winner. The purpose of the game is to stop thinking about self and focus on the other person. It is always a great icebreaker.

The theme of the retreat was, “Right Relationships”. Pastor Rob and I were each going to teach 2 sessions. I began by sharing in the Thursday night service about what it means to be regenerated. We have found that many times as leaders, we deal with people in the same areas time after time. In many of these cases, the problem is that the person is not really born again, but has learned to do the “right” things. The flesh is incapable of walking in obedience to the Word of God, but the fruit of the Spirit comes as the obvious by-product of a life that is given to the Lordship of Jesus.

Pastor Rob Teaching

Pastor Rob Teaching

Pastor Rob shared in the Friday night service about God’s purpose for the sexual relationship, and that anything outside of God’s laws of marriage is fornication.

I spoke on Saturday afternoon about three areas of our Christian walk where we are to walk in love. It begins with loving our brothers and sisters (the whole body of believers). Then the Lord draws us into closer relationships, where we learn to die to ourselves and learn to be true friends. It is after these two steps that the Lord can lead a single person into a relationship of marriage. We shared that an individual relationship cannot be strong if we haven’t learned to love the Body and also learn how to be a true friend. After that session, Pastor Rob and I had a panel discussion to deal with the teachings up to that point, and to address questions that had arisen.

Pastor Rob shared in the Sunday morning service about finding our hope in God, and that we cannot let past failures govern us. He talked about the righteous man getting up after falling, and that we need the strength of God to make it to heaven. Come to think of it, he did mention sex a few times in that service as well.


Pastor Forbe Carlson