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As the year has begun one of the our prayers has been for open doors of evangelism. How grateful we are to see Father answer our prayers in such a wonderful way. I will say our outreach at Alphax College was the doing of the Lord.

Alphax College, Eldoret

Alphax College, Eldoret

Martin, one of our deacons, works as a lecturer in this college and the Lord Has used him in a great way to reach many lives there. Through him, the Lord has given us a number of opportunities to preach in their chapel service. This last Wednesday was one of those times when we were invited to go and minister. We took time before God to seek His heart for these young adults’ lives. The more I prayed, the more the burden of God grew in my heart. There were moments I could see their poor souls under the claws of the evil one.
The whole Church was diligent in their prayers for this time of ministry. It was clear we would not enter a strong man’s house and spoil him of his good easily; we needed God. It is God who causes us to triumph and through us diffuses the fragrance of Christ. Mzee Yatich (one of our deacons) and Emmanuel (a young man who joined us from the college) went with me. Mzee Yatich is mighty man when it comes to outreach, always in the forefront.
Mzee Yatich, Raima (Alphax College Student), Martin, Emmanuel

Mzee Yatich, Raima (Alphax College Student), Martin, Emmanuel

Our hearts were moved to see everyone who came – about 200 students and most of the staff. This is one of the top colleges in the country and they are normally very busy. More than that, the director of the college was also present for time of the Word. I shared on deception and the need to know the Word of God. We knew the Spirit of God was dealing with hearts, because there was no movement in the room, except for one or two of the students.
After sharing, one young lady came to Mzee under much conviction and told him that she did not want to go to hell and was ready to surrender to Christ. Others came and shared how thankful they were, including the director, who was fixed on our words the whole time.
We are so grateful for the open door, we continue to weep for the souls of the young people and believe that Father will draw them to Jesus. Glory be to the Lord!
Pastor Peter Gitau

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