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This past week after a pastors’ meeting in Nakuru, we traveled to our Mabera church to be with Pastor Jonathan and his flock.  Mabera is near the border of Tazania.  Not too far from where the  Taragwiti church was located.  Jonathan is a man of God with a shepherd’s heart for the flock.  He is in his 60’s but has the Caleb spirit. He originally came from Tanzania where he had been a pastor to start a work in Kenya.P6220126

This is actually the first time we have ever taken a mission to the Mabera church.  The other times we would stop there on the way to Taragwiti.  We were blessed by the love of God reflected in Jonathan and his wife.  They were so thankful for  all the ministry brought to them.  We were there Friday to Sunday.  There was a good response from the flock all the services.  We also brought Anthony and Beatrice from the Umoja church to help in the ministry.  They were a blessing and helpful in interpreting and teaching the children.

I taught on the grace of God and the gift of Salvation.  Then on Sunday the Lord changed course in the first service and I taught on deliverance from fear and the Lord came down and we saw many delivered.

Then in the main service I taught out of 2 Cor.8.2, how the Macedonian church out of great poverty abounded in liberality of giving (an amazing verse) and the story of the widow that God used to provide for Elijah (and also provide for the widow).


We took time Sunday afternoon for testimonies.  It was a blessing to hear the testimonies of what the Lord had done.  Also good testimonies of healings over the years.  One young lady who was being persecuted by her family shared how years ago she had been sick and been to many doctors and no help.  But then she shared how when she came to the church how God had healed her and now this was her church and she wasn’t going anywhere.  It was a blessing to see Jonathan stand on divine healing and refreshing and convicting.

It was a blessing to hear Mildred, Anthony and Beatrice all share how blessed they were by the joy, thankfulness and hunger of the people. Also to see how much the flock loves their pastor. We were able to encourage Jonathan on strengthening their ministry to the children.  Also you would like to see more men in the church, several women with unsaved husbands.  I really challenged them in winning their husbands through Christlikeness.


P6200074It had been over a year since we had last been to Mabera and seen the construction.  All that had been done last year was just the bathroom and so they had made good progress in a year. A couple of months ago, the church lost a great number of bricks that were going to be used in their building project.  Jonathan said finding the same size bricks that they are using might be a challenge because they are larger than the standard size.  They had done this so they would not have to have as many rows of bricks.

At the end of the service I was able to share of Pastor Scott’s heart being touched for their loss of the 6,000 bricks and his desire to bless them.  Their response was humble thanksgiving that he would think of them in their need. It was a blessing to show how God’s grace was manifested through their need.


On Saturday morning we had a pastor’s meeting with three of the pastors from Tanzania and also Pastor Joash from Monianku and Pharez from Isbania.  It was a blessing that Joash was able to come.  He recently had a sugar cane tractor that crashed into his church, so I have been trying to help him in dealing with the factory and compensation for damage, but it is a real challenge in trying to get money from them.

P6200004In our time with the pastors we were dealing with their marriages.

It was helpful getting more time with the Tanzanian pastors since we don’t know them that well.  Jonathan has been helpful in dealing with them.  It gave a much clearer picture of who they are and our relationship to them.


Finally just very thankful for this trip and to see a good representation of our mission here in Africa.  Over the past year there is no pastor who has called more for counsel than Jonathan.  Though he is one of the oldest of our pastors he is teachable and easy to guide.  Even in going to Anthony and Beatrice his heart was, “tell me what we can do better.”  The other thing that blessed me was the joy and love in his marriage.

Pastor Rob Hendrickson


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