Nakuru Church Relocation Pt. 1


The Nakuru TentP1050161

After being in the center of Nakuru for the last 2 1/2 years, our Nakuru church is moving to a new location. At the first location, the people met in a very large tent.


Dave Munsie, carrying cement for the new church building.

In April, the people will meet in a different area of the town. It is more residential, and is a place in which we believe that the church can flourish. On the 30th of March, Pastor Forbe and a missionary friend (Dave Munsie, from England) went with a large number of volunteers to take down the tent and prepare for moving to the new location.

Taking down the tent was a huge endeavor, but we were able to dismantle it in one day. The next day (31st March), the new metal building was delivered to the new lot. The truck which delivered the building also took the tent back to Eldoret, where it will be stored until needed.

We spent the 31st digging footers and painting the metal with a primer, so that the building could be set up on the 1st of April.

The moving of locations is underway! We look forward to what the Lord will do in the people as they reach out in this new community!

Pastor Forbe Carlson

NEXT – finishing the new building…

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