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The Next Generation of the Church

Beginning in Genesis, God reveals Himself to be a God of generations. He honored Abraham because He knew that Abraham would take his knowledge of God to his children and grandchildren.

As a ministry, we focus on preparing the next generations to know and serve God. Here in Kenya, we emphasize to all of our pastors that their children’s ministry needs to be consistent and effective.

In addition to ministering to our pastors, we have a Youth Retreat once a year. We use this time to show our youth who we are as a ministry, to show them that they are part of a family of churches, and to teach them how to live as strong Christians in this current generation.

This year, the focus of the retreat was on the Body of Christ. We desired to see the youth embrace the local church as the necessary element that Jesus uses to build His church universal.

There is great pressure on Kenyan children and youth to excel in their education. The emphasis is so strong, that a very large number of students are sent to boarding schools to be educated. Because of this, families and churches are fractured and become weak.

The teachings at the retreat began with who the Body of Christ is, and how a person becomes part of that Body. I showed the differences between the early church and what the professed church has become. the Bible shows the early church to be one that is full of power, desirous of the teachings of Jesus, and dependent upon each other.

There was a specific challenge to the youth about boarding schools. Historically, students who go away to school seldom return to the church of their parents. Because of the lack of understanding of commitment to a local church, they see their lives as dependent upon higher learning, opportunity, and advancement.

The teachings were well received by those who attended. We’ve received many testimonies of youth who went back and asked their pastors how they can serve and be more involved in their church. Some have determined that they will not go away to school again in January, even if the schools in their town offer less opportunity for them.

We believe that the Word of God will strengthen this next generation of young Christians to commit themselves to strengthen their local church.

Pastor Forbe Carlson

2015 Mission Team Visit

On May 19th, a Calvary Temple mission team arrived at Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

Christina Fitch, Hailey Heglund, and Rachel Smith

Christina Fitch, Hailey Heglund, and Rachel Smith

The team consisted of 15 Members, including 3 Senior students set to graduate in June.

Pastor Peter of Kwa Njenga, Pastor Ben of Umoja, and Pastor Jeff

Pastor Peter of Kwa Njenga, Pastor Ben of Umoja, and Pastor Jeff

The team began their ministry in Nairobi with the Umoja and Kwa Njenga churches. Besides the ministry of the overall team, Pastor Jeff met with the pastors of the churches, like he normally does in each church where the team ministers. The ministry in Nairobi went very well, one of the highlights being one day in worship where the Lord came down in a mighty way.



Group picture of team with the Kakamega and Eldoret churches.

Group picture of team with the Kakamega and Eldoret churches.

From Nairobi, the team went to Eldoret. There, the Eldoret church was joined by our family from the Kakamega church. There was great ministry to both churches, and included an afternoon of outreach in the Pioneer community where the Eldoret church building is located.








Panoramic view of the Nakuru church plot and buildings.

The final outreach for the mission team was in our Nakuru church. This infant work was encouraged and challenged by the visit of this year’s team.


The team that came to Kenya to minister this year was a tremendous blessing. We believe that the Lord ordered their steps, sending each member with relevant ministry to all of our churches. We purpose to build upon what the Lord gave us through them.

Pastor Forbe Carlson

Kakamega Church April 2015

On April 26th, Ruth and I went to visit our church in Kakamega. It had been awhile since we had been there, and we wanted to see and encourage the people.

The Kakamega church has been a new location for about a year and a half. This is the first time that they have had to pay rent, so things are still difficult for them. The people seemed to be content and at peace.

The last time we had been to Kakamega, there was some strife that Pastor Tom Munala had been dealing with. Since that time, some people have left and some people have had their love for one another renewed. This was the most “at peace” that I remember the church being. The worship was very good, the people were on time, and they were attentive to the teaching of the Word of God.

Teaching in the Kakamega Church

Teaching in the Kakamega Church

I taught in the first service about renewing our hope, placing our hope in God and in heaven. I reminded them that hope is based on faith – that faith is built on the Word of God and the promises that we find in it.

In the second service, I shared about the vapor that our life is here on earth. In the light of eternity, our stay on this earth is very short. It is during this short time that we must learn to follow Jesus, looking for “a city that has foundations, whose Builder and Maker is God.” In the midst of the trials, persecutions, and afflictions, we often have a hard time seeing past this moment. We are to look unto Jesus, the Alpha and the Finisher of our faith.

Pastor Tom and Ann, with their children - Eric, Ephraim, and Karen

Pastor Tom and Ann, with their children – Eric, Ephraim, and Karen

Pastor Tom and his family are doing well. The deacons are in a good place, renewed in the Lord’s vision for their homes and the church.

When we arrived at the church plot, we noticed an “X” on the gate. The road that the church is on will be widened soon, and the church will have to relocate further back on their land. It is a small piece of property, and they need favor from their landlord to occupy space behind where they are now.

When you remember this "X", please pray for our family in Kakamega.

When you remember this “X”, please pray for our family in Kakamega.

If so, they will then begin the process of shifting their buildings back. Pray for our brothers and sisters in Kakamega. For wisdom, favor, and strength.

Pastor Forbe Carlson