Thanks From Kwa Njenga

Pastor Peter Gichuki of our Kwa Njenga church sends this letter giving thanks for the Pastors’ Conference with Pastor Scott and also for the time that he was able to spend with our mission team:

Apostle Joe Kayo

We are very grateful to the Lord for the time we had together in the pastors’ conference and the missions team visit. The Lord met our expectations – it was a season that our faith has been strengthened, care has been brought to us as pastors and to our congregations through the missions team visit.

One of the highlights that stood in my heart is on doing the work of an evangelist, as Paul was charging Timothy to preach the word in season and out of season. The different sessions we had were unique each one of them.

What Apostle Joe Kayo taught on thanksgiving was very timely; just as the Bible says about the last days, that people will be unthankful. It is the same teaching that pastor Jeff taught the last day in Nairobi. We  have a lot to thank God for.

Pastors Jeff Heglund, Peter Gichuki, Forbe Carlson



One of the pastors that we had invited from Nairobi was very much touched by the truths that he had learned in the conference. In the last day, he sat with me and asked me how long I have been hearing these kind of teachings, and I told him for 13 years. He told me that I am blessed because for him it was  the first time to hear some of these truths expounded.

Pastor Star Scott




Pastor Scott, these truths are rare in many pastors conferences  and churches in this nation. Many conferences concentrate on how to be big, how to have a big following. It really ministered to me as you answered one pastor who asked whether he can continue shepherding a congregation of 15 people. It was a great answer because  you handled a lot in our hearts, that what the Lord is looking for is faithfulness and that our goal should be to hear, “well done good and faithful servant,” when we shall stand before Him.


Some of the missions team with Pastor Peter outside the Kwa Njenga church

The people of God were very excited to see you and to hear from you; to some of them it was their first time to see you.

What stood out to me in this visit is to see your life and the practical aspect of the next generation, to see your daughter Kimberly and granddaughter Hope, following the Lord , this IS what I desire to see in my children and the people of God here in Kwa Njenga.

I was travelling in  a bus last Friday headed to the city, (it’s a distance of about 16 km). When there is traffic, it can take almost 1 hour. When I was in the bus, I requested the conductor to allow me preach in the bus, which he allowed me to do. I taught on marriage from Malachi, that the Lord hates putting away (divorce). I saw a very good response; about 80 percent of the passengers were very interested to hear the message. When I was finishing to preach, I said that if anyone would have a question he can visit us in the church or call my phone number. After I alighted from the bus, two people called expressing an interest to meet me.

I sense a need to teach on marriage wherever the Lord may guide. I think teachings on marriage  are very rare and that’s why many marriages are breaking in this hour.

I am thinking of having an outreach of a different kind, something that we have not done. We will invite our neighbors who are in marriage to teach them on marriage, and to share the gospel with them.

Thanks Mtume for coming together with Pastor Ron and sending the missions team to come and minister to us.

Peter Gichuki


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  1. Zedekiah Agina

    This testimony has really blessed my heart. Actually Apostle Scott’s life and gospel has been a great blessing and an encouragement to me. It is always easy to teach the word as it is in the bible, but another thing to practice or live it. This ministry emphasizes on not just knowing the word but we are required to do it. When the Mission team come to Kenya every year, they bring no new message but lives that practice the word of God. Those men and women’s lives have contributed a lot in the transformation of my life.


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