We left Eldoret and travelled to Uganda to visit our churches there.  Its about a three hour drive to the border and another hour and a half to Pastor Ogutu’s church on dirt road.

Pastor Rob and Mildred with Pastor Joshua Mugabe and his wife.

Pastor Rob and Mildred with Pastor Joshua Mugabe and his wife.

The border town is Busia where Pastor Joshua Mugabe has a church. We were able to stop at his church for a brief time of greeting some of the members of his church and took a meal at him home before pressing on to cross the border.  The border is an area of controlled confusion and chaos. It is a blistering hot, dusty, windy place.  I don’t think they had seen a white man in weeks and so the border agents descended on us like vultures supposedly to assist us across the border but really to get every shilling that they can squeeze out of you.  After about 2 hours of going through various checkpoints and stations we were able to finally escape.


Magoli, Uganda. Pastor Ogutu leading a church service.

Pastor Ogutu met us at the border to take us to his church. We were warmly received by the people when we arrived on Friday evening, they were very happy to see us.  All four of the churches in Uganda are within a few miles of each other so we invited them to come as well.  I think these are probably the poorest of the churches that we have here.


Pastor Ogutu's home.

Pastor Ogutu’s home.

We stayed with Pastor Ogutu and his family and they took good care of us. Mildred and I did have good time in ministering to them.  They were teachable and acknowledge their faults and wanted to honor the Lord.

Magoli church. Old church building on right, new building on the left.

Magoli church. Old church building on right, new building on the left.

There were some positives that stood out in our time in Uganda.  Over the past year Ogutu and his congregation had been able to build a nice building through the giving of the people.  Also in our services the people seemed attentive to the word.  Pastor Egessa and his wife stood out to us.  There was a joy and freedom that was evident in their lives and marriage.  At the last pastor’s conference when wives were also there, the Lord touched their marriage.


Pastor Rob, with Pastor Ogutu and his wife.

Joshua was a great blessing to have on the trip. His servant’s heart and ministry to the pastors and the church was reflective as that of a son in the faith. The Lord really touched him on the trip in the area of returning to first love and helping the marriages in his church.  He couldn’t wait to go home and bring these truths to his flock.

The one challenge I brought both to these pastors in my time with them and their members was what Jesus said, that your traditions have made the word of God powerless.  The fruit will be their response to these challenges.

Pastor Rob Hendrickson

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