Upcoming Pastors’ Conference


Cleaning up the Walkways

Preparations are underway here in Eldoret for our March pastors’ conference. We hold these conferences three times each year. Pastors from Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda come together for three days to listen to teaching, fellowship with each other, and learn how to practically apply the teachings that have been taught. Pastors Rob Hendrickson and Forbe Carlson lead these conferences. We teach, hold panel discussions, and we answer questions posed to us from the pastors. Some of our main pastors are very helpful during these times. We normally set aside the mornings and/or afternoons for small-group discussions, focusing on the teachings received.

Cleaning up the Grounds

Cleaning up the Grounds


Pouring the Cement Floor

The Eldoret church is very busy during this time. As hosts, they serve the pastors with meals, accommodations, and the preparation of hot water for bathing. There are also members who work to give the pastors some recent teachings of Pastor Scott, provide them with transcripts, and do electronic repairs for them.

Just before each conference, the Eldoret church has a workday to prepare the grounds for the visiting pastors. They also wash blankets and put mattresses into the sun to air out.

"Levelizing" the Drain

“Levelizing” the Drain

Pastors' Bathing Area

Pastors’ Bathing Area

This year, another project was undertaken. An area in the back of the church property, which had been previously walled off, was given a cement floor and a drain. The pastors will no longer have to stand in the mud to bathe themselves.

We are greatly anticipating this conference. Won’t you be praying with us to see the Lord strengthen these pastors?

Pastor Forbe Carlson

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