You Are The Generation! – Part 2

In Part 1, we began to look at the youth retreat that we had in our Eldoret church in August of this year.

Through the years, I’ve learned that short-term motivation is counterproductive to the Christian lives our youth in our churches. I grew up in church and witnessed several moves of the Lord. All of them produced short-term results, but many times did not accomplish fruit being borne.

Today's believer, tomorrow's leader?

Today’s believer, tomorrow’s leader?

As we began this year’s youth retreat, I encouraged the youth leaders to pray and ask the Lord to significantly touch at least a few of the youth that would be coming. We began to ask God to lay His hand on some of them for His service. We determined to stay away from mass altar calls, unless the Lord specifically directed a service in that way. It is easy for young people to respond in the anonymity of a crowd, be we wanted to see them press into God’s presence on their own.

We live in a generation that promotes instant gratification. Fruit is not produced in an instant, but rather through diligent care and nurturing. That is what we desire to see done in these young people’s lives.

The joy of the Lord is our strength.

The joy of the Lord is our strength.


From the beginning, a number of the youth began to call upon the Lord to touch their own heart. You could see a seriousness and a desire to enter into the presence of God. They spent good time in individual and then group prayers.

As you read this blog, please purpose to pray for our youth here in Kenya. Much like other parts of the world, there a daily distractions that they must fight against. Many of these don’t have much natural hope for their future, but in God they can be champions and examples of God’s power.

Until next year... Come quickly Lord Jesus!

Until next year…
Come quickly Lord Jesus!

Pastor Forbe Carlson

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